Saturday, June 18, 2011

This web site is one more wound of fake conferences

This web site is one more wound of fake conferences

They have spammed us repeatedly. I sent them a junk paper and they told that if I pay they would include it in IEEE Xplore Data Base (known for all of you of the fake SCIgen papers that publishes from time to time) . Unfortunately for them the IEEE Xplore is not an index.
They take advantage of the name of IEEE that they use in their conferences

A similar wound of junk conferences is the site of "promote research"

We asked by email the participants and we found the following common features
of both these wounds of junk publishing
1. Both send us so much spam
2. Both use the name of IEEE
3. Both have no real review
4. It seems that their conferences took place only in their 1st day only. The second and third day, they close the conferences rooms (saving money for the conference rooms' rental and for coffee-breaks, gala dinner) and send their people to excursions. From these excursions their conference organizers have an extra remarkable income.
5. They pay their royalties, commission to IEEE normally.
The IEEE headquarters and the Administration of these Bogus Publishers are happy.

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