Saturday, April 7, 2012

We would like to share with you this information with the "grimy" IEEE

Incredible: New Scandals from IEEE. The Bogus SCIRP company is growing rapidly with the continuous support of IEEE.

SCIRP Company, well-known for its fake journals, fake conferences and its continuous and disturbing SPAM is growing rapidly with the ethical support of IEEE.
Read the breaking news in our site only:

First of all, SCIRP is a commercial fake company and you can find several eponymous denunciations against SCIRP. For instance:
Everyday, SCIRP send us emails inviting us to submit our papers to SCIRP journals and conferences. SCIRP is acommercial publishing house and has an absolutely money-oriented policy. Publications without review. Journal publications ("open-access") if and only if you are willing pay very high fees for their disreputable SCIRP journals. This is SCIRP.

On the other hand, IEEE plays a "theater" here. Α theater of the absurd.

According IEEE itself: IEEE removed 1100 Bogus Conference Proceedings from IEEEXpore (i.e. IEEE data base) (apparently they were fake IEEE conferences):
This is written, this is declared in the web server and not in a dubious blog, not in strange email.

So, it is an additional confession of IEEE. This time this confession does not include 1 or 2 bogus papers, but 1100 bogus conferences! Outrageous!

Among these fake conferences of 2009, 2010, 2011 that IEEEXplore erased are all the SCIRP conferences with the seal of IEEE.

On the other hand, IEEE continues selling its name and its logo to conferences of SCIRP of 2012 whereas IEEE removed the Proceedings of IEEE/SCIRP conferences from its data base (2011, 2010, 2009), because they contained fake, bogus, academically toxic papers.

These are the new incredible Scandals of IEEE and its grimy collaboration with SCIRP.

Indeed, the Bogus SCIRP company is growing rapidly with the continuous support of IEEE
What is the game and the role of IEEE for this imoral development.
Can IEEE explain?

Please, forward this information to everybody with reference to our blog

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