Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More and More complaints and feedback for the bogus Wessex Institute of Technology

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A comment:
Scentific credibity of WIT conferences is close to zero. They are just for your money (unsually high fee with almost nothing in return, even hotel rates are higher than when you walk-in!!), and will accept and publish any junk. Shame on them

Another one:

I recently attended a Wessex Ins.Technology conference "Sustainable Tourism 2010" . Everything was too expensive. They charge you again and again with several ridiculous taxes. Wessex Institute of Technology is a big Scam and their conferences are absolutely bogus and fake.
I paid Registration Fee: €1380 and I heard
lectures of very bad quality, I think that somebody must inform the Police in UK about the scummy and repugnant Wessex Institute of Technology

Another one:

"I have been to two Wessex Institute conferences. Seeing the quality of the presentations my guess is that any abstract will be accepted. They are fairly lightweight conferences held in interesting places in the world. By attending the conferences I have made some interesting contacts. I have some extra publications that look OK, at least on the surface. The conferences are not academically rigorous, they are expensive, they are very small and they consequently do not have the leading scholars attending them. They do appeal to people who are trying to make their mark, because you do get a seemingly attractive publication (book chapter) out of them. It does seem to me that they are a money making ruse for the owner of the institute (Carlos Brebbia)that is succesful because of the academic imperative to publish. I won't go to another one. There are many more reputable conferences to choose from other than those put on by Wessex Institute."

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  1. We have just received this email (Bogus Conferences of Carlos Brebbia disadvertize the Bogus Conferences of Hamid Arabnia)